Compliance – Acting in accord with federal, academic, research, human relations or other management standards and requirements imposed by federal or state laws or implemented regulations.

Policy Statement – Statement on the front page of a policy document that encapsulates the policy’s purpose, namely its core provisions or requirements.

Procedure – Statements that prescribe specific actions to be taken to conform with established policies and to allow for the orderly implementation of those policies.

Purpose – Identifies the institutional risk, University mission or value, or any legal or regulatory requirements the policy addresses.

Standard Operating Practices – whether known by that name or another, are established by academic or administrative units to facilitate the day-to-day business operations of a particular unit and are distinguished from administrative policies because they do not directly or substantially affect procedures or substantive rights or duties. Standard Operating Practices must not conflict with university policies, and should be clearly written, and/or understood within the applicable area.

University Policy – A written decision or statement of University philosophy, established to provide direction and guidance to the University community in the conduct of University affairs.

References – A list of related documents and indexing terms, if applicable.