Does the information entered into buyBAMA copy over to the P-Card reconciliation system?

Do I need to place all of my orders through buyBAMA?

Will I still be able to enter requisitions in Banner after my department transitions to buyBAMA?

How long does buyBAMA retain my order information?

How can I cross reference the PO number to the requisition?

How do the different approver roles work?

What information needs to be attached for non-catalog orders (requisitions) associated with Contract and Grant funding?

What information do I need to include for P-Card orders that are over the standard single purchase limit?

How do I handle orders for regulated chemicals?

Once I submit my credit card order, how do I get my receipt?


How do I complete receiving?

I closed receiving on an order before all of my items were received. How do I re-open an order for receiving?

Is receiving required for all orders?

What training is available?

Is there a way for the shopper to add a note to the requester?

How do I enter a standing PO in buyBAMA?

When I type in the FOAP, the number disappears when I move to the next field. How do I correct this problem?