University departments are responsible for assigning appropriate user roles for their personnel.  The table below details the functionality and responsibilities of each role.  Departmental user roles should be reviewed on a regular basis and any necessary role changes should be addressed as follows:

  1. New user access and role changes can be requested through buyBAMA Access Request Form
  2. User terminations or transfers (to other departments) should be communicated to as soon as possible


User Roles and Responsibilities:

Functions Shopper Requester Approver One Approver Two
Searches and selects the goods or services in buyBama X X X X
Creates a shopping cart in buyBama X X X X
Determines if funds are available for purchase X X X
Adds accounting information and submits order X X X
Authorized to expend University funds up to $4,999 on P-Card/PO X X X
Approves or rejects Catalog transactions over $5000 and all Non-Catalog transactions X
Approves or rejects Non-Catalog transactions over $15,000, in addition to Approver One functions X