Departments and schools should adjust their internal business processes to be appropriately aligned with the functionality of buyBAMA.  Departments and schools also need to assess the core responsibilities of staff and make sure they assign the right roles (Requester, Shopper and Approver) to the right individuals.

The following purchasing roles can be assigned to staff:

Functions Shopper Requester Approver One Approver Two
Searches and selects the goods or services in buyBama X X X X
Creates a shopping cart in buyBama X X X X
Determines if funds are available for purchase X X X
Adds accounting information and submits order X X X
Authorized to expend University funds up to $4,999 on P-Card/PO X X X
Approves or rejects all requisitions, also approves P-Card orders over $5,000 X
Approves or rejects requisitions above $15,000, in addition to the first level approval X