General Questions

What is the purpose of the Approval Form?

What is a Trademark?

The vendor I want to use is not licensed, what is the process?

What if we’re not using any UA Logos?

What if an unlicensed vendor is the only one that can produce this item and we must have it?

Why do we need to fill out this form if we’re using the contract vendor?

Do I need to fill out a form for each item being purchasing?

How do I track the approval status of my form?


Technical Aspects of the Approval Form

If the total cost is over $5,000 can I still request an increase so I can pay on the P-Card?

What comments are needed?

Who should I contact if there are issues accessing the Approval Form?

What if I don’t know which buyer to choose?

Do I have to fill out all the Vendor Information?

What if I don’t have the quote or artwork yet?

Can I have more than one form in process at a time?

If a P-Card is used for the Purchase what other steps are required?