Property and Inventory Management – Transaction Form

Form Uses

Complete this form for the following transactions:

  • Property On Loan
  • Change in Location
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Transfer to Surplus Property
  • Deletions
  • Trade Ins
  • Cannibalized Property
  • Lost or Stolen Assets.

** Only items containing a hard drive or tagged assets on inventory require a transaction form. **

***All computer equipment must have all licensed software including the operating system and sensitive data removed prior to transfer to Surplus. Property & Inventory Management is not responsible for removal of software or data.***

Transaction Form

Click on the transaction form link above to open the online Adobe PDF fill-able form.

Additional Assets Form

If more than five assets in the transaction, click on the additional assets form link above, complete and include with the transaction form.

Use the following information for assets being transferred to Surplus:

In the “To:” section:

Department Name: Surplus

Department Org#: 503154

Building: 323–ASB

Room: Inv001

Please email the completed transaction form to  If the services of Logistics are required a work order should be submitted.  A work order request can be completed online by visiting the FMAX website.  If you do not have access to the FMAX website your building representative should be able to assist you in placing the work order online.

If you have any questions related to this form please feel free to contact Tyreece Hampton by email at or by phone at 348-7602.